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The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards provides pre-approval services for qualifying packaging materials.

Charging Ahead: Weights and Measures Week 2020

Happy Weights and Measures Week 2020! Weights and Measures Week is celebrated every year from March 1-7.

Contraban Cigarettes Warning

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) has pulled from the market ZON, King Size, Full Flavor 20 class filter cigarettes.

500 New National Standards for St Lucia

The St Lucia Bureau of Standards is aiming at the goal of adding some 500 new international Standards to the country’s existing portfolio of 200 Standards.

A Brief History of Standards

What are Standards?

A Culture of Quality

Science was always in her DNA. At 34, Laura Jordan is the Quality Assurance Supervisor for one of the largest bottling water companies in St. Lucia.